Debut ’77…..

A Moment….A Vintage Moment,

One that takes you back to when and where you first heard a song. It takes you back to how you felt when you first heard a jam on the radio. Or maybe not even the first time. Maybe its when you heard it during a moment that became an integral part of your life. Ever had one of those moments? A Deja Vu of sorts?

Picture Sicily…..wait hold on I cant start this in my elderly white woman voice….

Ard so check it…Nah thats a little too Philly Hood…

Ok so the moment goes as such…

The year was 2009, I had just started my small collection of vinyls. Frequenting the Goodwills and Flea Markets, just trying to find the cheapest vinyls because I was on a serious budget. I found a few Deniece Wiliams records, a few Dionne Warwick tunes and a BUNCH of Dona Summer┬ávinyls. But in the back of my head I was looking for a particular artist and a particular record. I kept going to the local Willingboro Market, making friends with the gentleman who ran the only record store in the entire venue. I went back to the Goodwill (vinyl collectors please don’t sleep on Goodwill. You can find some rare vintage and mint vinyls up in there TRUST ME!). I went back to eBay. I went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth but alas…..MISSION FAILED.

So one day I was downstairs vibing to some records in the family room. It was literally a scene…..Im on the ground….oversized headphones snuggled on top of my curly fro that I was wearing at the time……a worn out graphic tee covering half of me…..random vinyls sprawled out around me. I was in the zone, I was relaxed, I was happy. Then comes a knock on the door


Now the moment was ruined and my attitude was on 10. My family knew I hated being disturbed when Im listening to my records. So i trekked up the stairs into my momma room to see her just chilling inner ridiculously oversized throne.


Got you something…

Now at this point Im squinting so hard Im sure I looked like the Vocal Watchtower speeding down I95. So I looked in her hands…empty. I looked on her bed…nothing. I look up at her and she’s just grinning. Now Im getting mad because I loathe surprises.

Turn around!!

Now at the start of her room there’s a little table where she keep her mail and things so I didn’t really think to look there. And there it was….


Without looking up she dryly said….”Go on back downstairs and aye take the chicken out!!”

I jetted out her room with a THANKS MAAAAAAA! I ran down the stairs almost tripping over the family Pit-bull…why the hell he was at the bottom of the stairs I will never know. I ran through the kitchen and flung the bag of party wings into the sink so they could thaw out. FINALLY, I reached the family room. In one quick motion I slipped the Ohio Players album off the turntable and carefully placed the needle on the Phyllis vinyl. Now Ive only heard some of these tunes on YouTube of course (Loving You, Losing You, No One Can Love You More and I Don’t Want To Lose You) but hearing them in the raw vinyl format just put me back in a trance. I could hear the clearness of her voice, each and every instrument, I could hear her take little breaths between lines. It was like I was finally there in the studio with her watching this magic happen.

I must have played that album nonstop that day, well I stopped to get my chicken of course ┬ábut then I ran back into the family room and put on those headphones to vibe out. That vinyl is my most prized possession. I play it now and it still takes me back to that Vintage Moment. The moment when I completely fell in love with Phyllis Hyman’s voice.

Phyllis Hyman – Loving You, Losing You

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  1. Crystal Smith says:

    what a great story I watched it as I read it

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