Have A Seat….

Solange……Girl…..Where do I begin?
Well lets start here, for the record this is not Solange’s third album contrary to popular belief. Ya’ll remember Solo Star? Yeah I kind of don’t remember it either. The album debuted in 2002 and basically died the same year. Although it managed to have two standout singles (one of which was on the Fighting Temptations soundtrack) it still was a “No” from the world. Well I mean she was 16, still developing, still in her big sister’s shadow, so you know……..cut her some slack or whatever.  The same thing happened to Janet Jackson! Some people  still think that Control was her first album. She released two entire albums before Control (Janet Jackson and Dream Street). The only folks that knew about those two albums were probably around during that time. So anyone born after maybe 1986 wouldn’t have even known. Janet still performs two songs from those albums just for her die-hard fans. So maybe in the future Solange will add tracks from Solo Star into her set list. She may already does but I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Aunite Solange up close and personal….YET!
When Hadley St. Dreams was released back in 2008 I think we all had the “Who the hell is this?!?!” look on our faces. Solange slaughtered our ears with I Decided, the leading single front the album. The visuals, the lyrical content, the honesty, the bared soul, the rough vocals. Ugh, it was everything  the music scene needed at the time. A good alternative so to speak. It was her “Control” album.
Ok so BOOM Solange is here! she found her audience and her voice so now what?!?! Four loooooooong years until we get another body of work from the angel. Well we heard her voice sparingly thanks to leaked unreleased tracks on YouTube, but NOW we have something official. Something we didn’t have to convert from a youtube video into a mp3 file! Her EP True came out the oven and we ate up everything she cooked up. One again the leading single solidified the mood for the EP. Losing You, I don’t know what kind of creole voodoo she put on that track but EVERYBODY  was bopping their heads. The accompanying video did everything it needed. From the fashions, to the hair, to the locations. Solange was a master of visuals. She let us know this wasn’t a game and she had some shit to say OK?!?! Some started calling her The Mother of The Hipsters. Now I don’t really know if that really fits her but…..I mean…..if you want her to smell like weed and patchouli oil then hey!!
So once again, silence for about four years (Solange you aint slick I clocked ya pattern girl). As usual we’ve heard her on tracks here and there, seen her kick boxing, she had gotten married, had the most iconic wedding. Mutha was living right? Ok cool but what about the music?!?! September 2016 she decided to bless us with another masterpiece A Seat At The Table. I haven’t stumbled across such an addicting album since…..forever!! The album effortlessly flows. Theres not a moment when the groove is disturbed. A story it tells and what a story it is. Sidebar: the interludes are very reminiscent of Janet Jackson, the Queen of Interludes. But anyway, what is about? What is she talking about this time? What she going through now?!?! Well…..sit yo ass down at the table and listen..

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