Ever hear a voice that makes you stop everything that you’re doing? A unique voice that makes you turn your head around and say “WHO DA HELL IS THAT?!?”? Well, that happened to me the day I first heard Bahamdia on VH1 Soul. Now this was back when VH1 Soul was playing India Arie,  Jill Scott, Corrine Bailey Rae and the rest of the Neo-Soul troupe heavy. Always saw those faces on rotation and always knew that your jam was about to have you two-stepping in the kitchen while you fry your chicken. Well one day VH1 Soul was have a Philly Appreciation Day it seemed. Of course the first couple of videos played were from The Roots Crew From Philly, that was a given.

So as the video for You Got Me ended I decided to replenish my Pepsi (now this was back when I would demolish a 2 liter of Pepsi in an hour, thank god I have been delivered lol) but as I started to open my door I heard a “Truuuuue….”. Now Im thinking this is the Lil Kim and Lil Cease song Crush On You so I thought noting of it…until I heard the first line of the first verse.

“Landscapin’ and mentally shapin’
Lookin at my gucci it’s about that time….”

I turned around with the quickness and saw the queen Bahamadia, sitting amongst the extras with the smoothness of Shaft. She had me caught! Her flow was so hypnotizing and melodic. Her gaze into the camera and her subtle head bop kept me watching and eventually wanting more! I sat my empty cup down and waited for the the name of the song and I needed to know her name! Finally it popped up…. Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedo I said to myself “Well that makes sense, look at how Musiq Soulchild spells the titles to all his tracks. Philly artists HA!”.

So immediately I went to the biggest crate in the world, YouTube, to find more from this mystery lady. One of the first videos that popped up was True Honey Buns and once again I was captured by her laid back flow. It was so different from the female rappers that were out at the moment. She wasn’t over sexualized. She wasn’t talking about fashion labels or thrown shots at any other female emcees. Mind you…she came out in the mid 90’s and Im making this discovery around 2009 I believe. So as opposed to the Nicki Minaj who was the main female rapper at the time I drifted to Bahamadia.

Diggin’ even further into the crate I found a track she did with The Roots Proceed 3. That track goes right along with her free flowing, cool breezy vocals. So I’m in a trance, I want more!! Diggin further I realized that I already heard her voice before and didn’t even realize who it was.

Lady Erykah Badu also known as Medulla Oblongata also known as Cerebellum also known as Lowdown Loretta Brown also known as Analog Girl in a Digital World also known as Annie the Alchemist also known as The Formerly Fat Belly Bella, had Bahamdia on a track along with a few other queens (Angie Stone and Queen Latifah). Ive always heard the popular “Radio Edit” of the jam with Common but I’ve heard the album cut a few times. Never really stopped in the moment and paid attention. Well Love Of My Life was proof enough for me that alone or in a group Bahamadia shines BRIGHTLY! Lets not mention that I follow her now on every social media platform Twitter ……Instagram YouNameIt!!! She’s always humble and ALWAYS responds to her fans which made me lover even more. I would say, if you love Lauryn Hill or Ms. Hill, you’ll definitely love Bahamadia!

Keep Diggin’ In The Crates….




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