Is Blue Eyed Ivory Soul A Real Thing?

As I began brainstorming for this post I wanted to highlight the magnificent Taylor Dayne. But then a question popped into my head. Is Blue Eyed Ivory Soul A Real Thing? Now going back in time there has always been an exception for our white singers…correction SANGERS! There has been a special few that has been blessed with a soulful voice whereas others just use SOUL for their benefit i.e record sales, popularity and the like.

We have people like Janis Joplin, Teena Marie, Michael McDonald, Michael Bolton, George Michael (sidebar Im guessing if you’re White and have the name Michael you’re more than likely gonna have soul) P!nk, Robin Thicke, Joss Stone, Taylor Dayne, Jon B, Amy Winehouse, Lisa Stansfield. Im sure I missed a few but you get the gist, there are a plethora of White singers that has a touch a soul within them.

Then you have the others that gain popularity exploiting black culture and the black sound. No need to point them out, y’all can figure that out on your own. Do we as black folk or African Americans or whatever term you would like to call us, do we hold these singers in high regard like we do our BLACK singers? Can they really be legends to us? I know some of our “woke” brethren….you know The Hoteps, they would more than likely say that these particular artists/singers are still in fact stealing from us.

But I say, if you cant tell the difference between something authentic and genuine from the artificial bull crap that pushes on to the Billboard Top 100 and labeled “Soul/R&b” well… dear you are still in fact plugged into the Matrix. If you cant tell the difference from a Teena Marie to a “Insert a popular white entertainer that’s CLEARLY using black audiences to boast sales” you may be a lost soul.

Not to be harsh on the white artist of today that tries to slap a Soul sticker on their music and a dashiki on their bodies but… Blue Eyed Soul can  be a real thing, you just have to weed through the bland, unseasoned pumpkin spiced dishes and find the fried chicken at the end of the road.

But anyway YALL NEED TO GET INTO TAYLOR DAYNE!!! I got put onto her by an elder of mine, a child of the 80’s. He slid one of her early videos Tell It To My Heart into my iMessage and said “Nephie……GET INTO HER!!”

Now at first I didn’t know what I was watching. The video gave me typical 80’s fashions, typical 80’s choreography, it just screamed 80’s!! I pressed play and saw this white chick with this big hair and straight bang with crispy layers that fell on a mane of teased and bumped up blonde hair. Like I said…..80’s pure 80’s. So I watch it one time just to get into the whole vibe of it all and then I went back to actually listen to her. To my surprised I was blown away!! It was akin to when I first heard Deja Vu by Teena Marie. I didn’t know who what when where why and how but dammit I was hooked! I needed more from Taylor. So of course of dived into the crates (YouTube) to find more! Next was Love Will Lead You Back and then I’ll Always Love You . As “poppy” as the producers tried to make those songs Taylor busted through with her amazing vocals and I mean HEFFA SANG DDDOOOOOOOOOWN OK!?!? So of course from there I looked for her recent live performances to see if she still had the chops, low and behold Ms. Dayne can still blow folks away and is still gorgeous as ever. So Im searching through her videos and live pefomrances and interviews and come across the best dance remix I’ve ever heard since Mariah Carey’s Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Club Version). Taylor Dayne’s Whatever You Want blew my edges back!

Mind you she wrote this song for Tina Turner  (her dynamic version is awesome as well) and that little fact made me a….what do the kids call it now…..a Stan (I guess).

Now Taylor can sing effortlessly over any track and her soulful voice will still shine through. THAT’S how you know its authentic. Thats how you know behind her “Blue Eye” there’s soul lingering.

Heres a few more tracks from Lady Dayne that you should get into:

I’ll Wait

Prove Your Love

Cant Get Enough Of Your Love


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