And The List Goes As Follows…..

Its the very last day of 2016 and its been one helluva year. Lots of highs and lots of lows. Lots of good music came out this year as well and since lists are the big thing now….(heh)…I though Id add in my two cents and make a list of my Top 10 bodies of work that manifested this year. Y’all ready? Oh here we go…

10. Fergie – M.I.L.F.$

This song came out of left field (and so did she). Fergie always delivers for me with her music. Im not a huge huge fan but I love her vocals and her commitment. NOW with this track, she definitely woke me up and a few others. She came back and was like BITCH IM HERE DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!! Sadly she disappeared after this and we kind of forgot about her but the song still lingers in our playlists and libraries….(heh)…points for the Boosie sample though!

9. Opal – France

I stumbled across this track from a good friend of mine who always has the best Soundcloud/Spotify playlists. I never heard of Opal, never heard the name, never heard the voice. But the track and the production and the laid back vocals pulled me all the way into submission. Its one of those cool hipster tracks you discover during a night of heavy herbal rotation. Check out Opal’s music on all the streaming platforms.

8. Big Baby D.R.A.M. &Erykah Badu – Wifi

I feel like I was late to the party one this one (but Im always on time). I first heard this song on this years Soul Train Awards hosted by Erykah Badu also known as………… My first impression was WHO IS THIS *REDACTED* REDACTED*REDACTED*REDACTED* whew Jesus YAAAAASSSSSSSS! Y’all can fill in the blanks if you want to but you get the gist. Theres something so seductive yet so “Ain’t Shit” about this track and I love it. If you haven’t already get into this song and get into his music, you wont be disappointed.

7. Tweet – Charlene

How long has it been Tweet?!?! HOW LONG HAVE YOU KEPT US WAITING?!?!?!? I almost gave up on Auntie for a minute. But I get it, you have to go through some things, you have to grow as an artist and put out your best work. Can’t just release mediocrity every year and think the fans will be satisfied. This album is classic Tweet. She knows her sound, she knows her brand…she knows. This is the type of album that you must listen to in its entirety with a glass of wine. Preferably Merlot… wine always wins

6. Keke Wyatt – Rated Love

Now Tweet’s album was more like a…I Will Survive Having A Broken Heart….type of an album. Auntie Keke put out this album specifically to celebrate LOVE. Because Love is real and Mary told y’all that back in the day. As per usual Keke delivered on the vocals and blew us all away. But that was expected right? I just wish it received more recognition this year because this was a great body of work. Listen to this is you’re madly in love or if you’re a fan of love. You’ll love it…love.

5.Big Freedia – Rudy, The Big Booty Reindeer

YOU ALREADY KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Ive always been a fan of Big Freedia and everything she does. I was blessed enough to see her in concert this year with a good friend of mine and had a blast. And no I did not get on stage and NOLA Bounce for my life! I kept it classy in the audience. There should be no question as to why THIS song stuck out to me on her latest release titled A Very Big Freedia Christmazz. I mean….the title explains everything. I just wish she released this before the tour so that I could have had a moment during a live performance ¬†of this track . Don’t judge my ratchet moments OK?!?!?

4. Mary J. Blige – Thick of It

Im not going to front on this one, it had to grow on me. But after thinking about the lyrics and letting it stir in my spirit I found myself loving it. I feel like if Waiting to Exhale had a sequel this would be one of the major tracks on the soundtrack. Also, didn’t hurt that this came out around the time when Auntie and Kendu divorced. Now THAT I didn’t see coming but……shit happens right? Cant wait for the new album I know its going to be scandalous!

3. Mya – Smoove Jones

Mya Mya Mya. The last of my SHEroes from the 90’s (still love Monica, Im over The Vocal Drivers Ed Pamphlet and Rest Eternally in Peace Aaliyah). Mya has taken her career in her hands. She said screw the big wigs and big executives and big companies and redundant contracts. She’s taking control of her life and her career and she’s FREE. This last album has sooooo many gems on it. Tracks that go hard in the gym, club and the bedroom. Miss Mya has been touring like a mad woman with this album and has been receiving so much love. Smoove Jones has even been nominated for a Grammy! YOU GO GIRL!!! Now I hope she performs in Philadelphia one day…one sweet day.

2. Lion Babe – Begin

Now I discovered this group a year ago. My good good friend with the excellent ear (the same one that put me on Opal) slid Lion Babe’s EP my way and told me to take a listen. I was instantly hooked! I fell in love with the visuals ,with the art, with the moments, with the hair, with the energy with LION BABE! I saw them perform for the first time last year at AfroPunk (I’ll tell that story later) with the same friend and once again…..HOOKED!! I saw them again this summer on their tour for the new album and their mixtape and baby they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. That dynamic duo is going places HEAR ME?!?!?

1.  Solange РA Seat At The Table

Need I say anything else about this album? Need I say more? Does anything else have to be said? Nope….if you haven’t listened to the is masterpiece you need to stop cheating yourself and just press play. Namaste….

With all these little gems of 2016 I hope 2017 has even more to offer mine and your ears. Its all about QUALITY Good Times Good Vibes and Good Music…

Pack Light.


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  1. Unkie says:

    Great compilation of tunes. I like Opal!


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