Flashback! Who’s That?

Continuing on the Teena Marie frequency I thought I’d share some of my favorite album cuts and Teena samples!

Ooh La La Laa (Live Performance)

You guys may have heard the Fugees cover this song!


Teena always had the BEST ballads, she always had the right elements to make it powerful and moving and bone chilling. Here’s one that always stood out to me from the It Must Be Magic album

Did you know that Teena was in the Mississippi Mass Choir? Well she wasn’t but she was a part of this star studded choir that backed the legendary Nancy Wilson on the Arsenio Hall show back in the day. Yall see Phyllis up there too?!?!?

Then there was that time that Teena sang with Patti Labelle and Regina Belle on the Secret Garden (Ladies Version) track. Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, the male version included Barry White, El Debarge, Al B. Sure and James Ingram

Teena and Rick had many collaborations most notably Fire and Desire, but my favorite duet from them has to be Happy. The emotions behind the lyrics, the passion behind the vocals, it gave me everything I needed when it came to a lovers duet.

The second Teena Marie album I purchased was Sapphire and theres one track that always stood to me. She dedicated it to the survivors and victims of Hurricane Katrina. Its such a beautiful track that also included her beautiful daughter Alia Rose. I must say she inherited her mothers voice and talents.

Honorable mention to The Firm for sampling Square Biz

Firm Biz

And from Ivory, the one track that I played over and over and over trying to get that long scat she did down, was Since Day One

Finally Teena was a poet and her songs were full of her poetry. She would often have interludes of spoken word pieces. This was my favorite poem.

Ivory (A Tone Poem)


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