The Greatest Love Duets…..

Theres nothing more refreshing than hearing two soulful voices come together on a track. A lovely love song for the lovers on the dance floor….while Im hating at the bar with my Jameson and Ginger Ale. Theres so many great duets out there so lets love on each other with this little playlist of my favorite duets.

Keep in mind this is no type of order. Im way too scatterbrained to actually rank all these jams, just know they are all my favorites. Some you may know, some you may not. You know my mission is to bring light to those great B Side tunes. So here we go….

Rachelle Ferrell & Will Downing – Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This Before

Can we first discuss the fact that Rachelle wrote this song and sang both parts herself before Uncle Will jumped on it? Can we just marvel in the greatness that is Rachelle’s voice? Let us all just fall out for a moment……..OK GET UP!! Do ya’ll remember those Midnight Love commercials? Those CD commercials that always had the grown folks music on it? Basically the Quiet Storm jams. This song would always be on the tracklist along with the other Jams O’ The Day. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Auntie Rachelle in concert and baby when I tell you she didnt have to sing a word! She started on the piano and the crowd went crazy. Everyone singing every line and every word all in harmony. Even holding the signature Rachelle 3 minute note. It was a pleasurable moment.

Miki Howard & Gerald Levert – That’s What Love Is

Miki and Gerald has soooooo many great duets together it was hard to pick one for this playlist. The chemistry on this song was very clear that it wasnt just a “song”. There were real emotions behind the lyrics. But I cant say too much, cant put Auntie’s business out there because well…..she’s a G and she may shank me so ya know. She also has a great duet with Christopher Williams called I Hope That We Can Be Together Soon

Teena Marie & Rick James – Once And Future Dream

Yes yes we all know about Fire and Desire but I mean…these lyrics….

If I had a castle by the ocean

A crown of jewels to place upon your head

Then I’d build a dynasty

From the north to south end seas

And I’d make you my once and future king

If I had a coat of many colors

Warm enough to wrap you in when the winter wind sets in

Then I’d fly you eagle free, faster than your destiny

And I’d love you my once and future queen…..

Teena and Rick always had a sick pen game but that coupled with the orgasmic arrangement just set the tone to really fall in love. Not just lust but love. Rick was the master of both, most of his popular tunes were about lust but when you get to the core of Rick James…he’s a lover. Both of these legends were lovers….heh get Well alright lets move along.

Sidebar: notice how all these great songs have long titles? Dam near an entire paragraph for some of these tunes!

Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey – Endless Love

Now usually Im a stickler for covers. Im likely to only acknowledge the original rendition but theres something so sweet about this cover. Also, I find it funny that Mariah was so shy on stage with Luther. He had to dam near pull her butt on the stage. This was back when Mariah had no reason to be nervous onstage with ANYBODY but Luther intimidated the crap out of her. Yet and still she sang through the nerves and the turnout was amazing. This always reminded me of an innocent young love affair. I could definitely hear this on a Disney soundtrack.

Stehpanie Mills & Teddy Pendergrass – Feel The Fire

Another dynamic duo that had more than one great duet together. Although Stephanie has a solo version, adding Teddy P to the equation made it pack more of a punch…to the heart. If the previous track with Luther and Mariah reminded me of a young love affair, this track reminds me of a grown and sexy situation. You have to play this song while drinking some brown and cupping a nice round, fat, juicy…..ok MOVING ON!!!

Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle – Never Knew Love Like This

You probably thought I was going to choose Saturday Love but nope!!! I do love that song and its 12 minute long extended mix but Never Knew…is a greater slower jam. Sometimes I wish I could relate to whatever type of love they were singing about because the conviction in their voices….whew! This another jam I would constantly hear on the radio and bop along with like I never heard it before.

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – The Closer I Get To You

Remember Im a  stickler for covers and only like the original songs….well heres the proof. Roberta and Donny voices always melded together in sweet harmony. You can make an entire album from all their duets.

Is this playlist making you feel some type of way yet? Well it is for me, think Im going to play some Phyllis after this….

Tamia & Eric Benét – Spend My Life With You

Two of the most purest voices in R&B, they are the reason why my musical taste has always been A-1 since I was younger. Man listen, they just need to cut the crap and record an album together and go on tour. I’d forgo a bill for them…..maybe my phone bill or something. I wonder if Eric is going to sing some of this during this show with Marsha. Shoutout to both of them for still having crisp vocals after all this time!!

Zhané & Will Downing – Piece It Together

Yes Uncle Will has already been on this playlist but so what?!?! SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT!! This isnt exactly a duet buuuuuut ya know it fits the occasion. I love love love the ladies of Zhané and I love how their voices always found a comfortable spot to resonate and merge. Adding Will to the equation just made it more sultry.

René & Angela – My First Love

Ok so dont kill me. I love love love Avant and Keke Wyatt’s cover but ya know…..the original trumps all in some cases Another song that was always included on those Midnight Soul CD’s along with Auntie Angela’s Angel and Smile. A lot of us grew up with A&K version and we all thought that was the original. I wasnt privy to this greatness until years later in my teens when I heard it on the radio one day. It stuck with me ever since and lowkey makes it confusing to sing now. Switching between Angela and Keke’s rendition of their verses

BabyFace & Mariah Carey – Every Time I Close My Eyes

This technically isnt a duet either but Mariah’s background vocals were so impeccable that I had to include it on the playlist. Mariah and Babyface had something magical about their collaborations, even on the Never Forget You Remix they flow like silk. Too bad we never got a live performance of these great songs with the two singing them…not one with a random backup singer.

Chanté Moore & Keith Washington – Candlelight and You

This one was tough because I love their song I Love You but I think Candlelight is more legendary. Either way check out both. Chanté has a myriad of duets, mostly with her ex husband Kenny Lattimore, but her duets with Keith just has a different energy to them. I wonder if the two were ever a fling hmmmm.

Kashif & Meli’sa Morgan – Love Changes

Ok last one I just had to sneak on here. Now listen, I thought the Jamie Fox and Mary J cover was the original but baaaaaabbbbbbbbeeeehhhh Im so glad I got hip to the original. They both stand the test of time but Kashif and Meli’sa definitely set the mark!

Hope you all enjoyed the tunes! There may be a part 2 to this because there are a lot more duets/songs out there that needs to be added.

Lovers keep on loving…….I’ll be over here with my feelings and my brown liquor 🙂 .


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  1. Tracey Bell says:

    Some of my absolute favorites☺️ Love Changes and the list goes on!


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