Goapele Live!!!

During my hiatus from the Factory I started attending local concerts in Philly. I made a promise that I would start going out to see my favorite artist live because you never know when the next time they’ll be back around. The first concert of the year was none other than Goapele. Now Imma be honest before the concert I only knew like….2 songs from her. But there was always something that drawn me to Goapele. Its like her genuine spirit always bled through the music. Not to mention she is GORGEOUS! That bone structure and that skin! Nobody can rock a low cut like her. Anyway I found out she would be coming to World Cafe Live, a cute venue in Philadelphia. How could I pass this up! Like I said before I only knew about two of her songs so the days prior I jumped onto Apple Music  to educate myself so I wouldn’t look foolish standing in front of her mouthing the word like Im Oprah. I stumbled across songs like Milk & Honey, Tears On My Pillow, My Love, Undertow, Play, Hey Boy and Strong As Glass. All great tunes that I missed out on but better late than never right?!?

SO!!! The days comes and I have everything planned out as per usual. My first stop was my favorite bar in the Gayborhood Tabu. I always get a cute drink before I walk into a concert, its a tradition of mine. So I down my blue Long Island and get the rush I need before my Uber came to whisk me away. Important note: I don’t drive in Philly…just an FYI. Now it seems as thought every concert I attend it always seems like a mini prom for the Aunties and Uncles. They come in their business casual attire or in their furs and 3 piece suits and all that. Me? I came in my Blairism Eaux shirt and distressed jeans. Such a hipster look right?I wasn’t expecting my fellow concert goers to be dressed in business cas but low and behold I step in and its like a dam date night. Cool, its whatever Im still gonna get my jush. Now this is my first time at this venue and I didn’t know that hey served drinks as well as food so I decided to partake a bit. I ordered a blackberry drink that had about 3 different whiskeys combined in it. When I tell you after three sips I was feeling it!!! Grown folk know how to make a good drink ok! I grab my drink and sashay down to the front of the stage, it was standing room only somewhat of a norm for me so I didnt mind. Although I was wearing chucks for the night…my feet weren’t  hurting….too badly. IMG_2676.JPGI didn’t know what time the show was supposed to start but the doors opened at 7pm and I wanted to get there on time so I could be as close to the stage as possible and sure enough I was dam near on the stage! More people started coming in and we’re all just waiting….and waiting…..and waiting….and waiting. Again, I didn’t know what time she was supposed to come on so I wasn’t bugging. IMG_2678.JPGAround 830 one of the stage crew came out to get everything ready and he lit an incense on each speaker. Im guessing to bless the venue and to calm the vibes. But it almost seemed like a timer because as soon as the incense went out Goapele stepped onstage….at around 9pm.

The first thing I noticed was how striking her face is, in person its like its made of marble. Her outfit took me a minute to appreciate but after seeing her move around in it I started to love it. Her calm speaking voice and warm aura made everyone feel welcomed. So she starts and in the back of my head Im saying to myself “I hope she sings one of the songs I was just listening to!” and what do ya know…she did!! This tour was to promote her new EP Dreamseeker so in between her older songs she premiered some new tracks that would be on the EP. I have to admit hearing the new singles for the first time made me  a diehard fan. The Tracks Take It Over and Power stood out the most for me. Goapele wasn’t giving riffs and runs and scales and acrobatics, she didn’t need all that honestly. She cooed over every track and effortlessly blended in, I didn’t hear not one mishap which made my ears so delighted. IMG_2680.JPGYou could definitely tell each song she performed was one of her babies, she made sure that she connected with each and every tune and made sure everyone in the audience was on the same wavelength. Strangely enough she had a smile on her face during the entire set except for one song that was dedicated to her daughter in which she shed a few tears. Powerful and personal art will do that to ya!It wasn’t a packed house but the people that were in the audience made it seem like we were at a huge stadium, the love was overflowing.IMG_2684.JPGAll in all it was a terrific show. From the old jams to the new ones the music made me move and sway and pay attention! Would I go to another one of her shows? YA DAM STRAIGHT I WILL!!

Make sure you go check her new EP called Dreamseeker. Its on everything so y’all don’t need a link. Just type her name in a search bar and i’tll pop up…YA WELCOME!!!

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