Where Did The Soul Go?

More importantly, as Mama Badu phrased it,¬†Where Did The Love Go?¬†This post isnt meant to be long but I have been pondering something as of late. Is the “Soul” still here? You guys remember the Neo-Soul movement? Remember when Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Angie Stone, D’Angelo, Bilal, Dwele, Musiq and ‘nem all came out and it was like……REAL MUSIC IS BACK!! It was like a counter attack of sorts to the Pop & B music that plagued the radio waves. Everybody was singing about falling in love, loving each other, lifting Brotha’s and Sista’s up.


Is it just me or are we in an anti-soul anti-love movement right now? Now mind you I was barely a pre-teen when this movement happened but I remember Angie sanging about Brotha’s and Bilal professing his love to his Soul Sista. I remember Heather Headley running down the list of what a black man means to her. All of that stuck in my young impressionable mind. Also, add to that the messages that were being sent out in Erykah, Busta Rhymes, Talib, Common and Mos Def music……my mind was awakened waaaaaaaay back then. I STAY WOKE! But that movement didn’t really stop in the 90’s and early 2000’s because you had sangers come in and carry the torch BUT as time progressed and audiences got younger, they were pushed to the back and the more ummm colorful acts were brought to the forefront. Now that didn’t stop the funk completely, those artists still performed, still released new music and was still booked but they weren’t getting as much shine as they were before. It worries me a bit that the babies….the younger folk, are growing up with this music thats out now. Twitter lyrics replaced thought out rhymes. Mumbling replaced soulful belting (and no not the Anita Baker type of mumbling, no thats legendary mumbling). Questionable motives replaced honest art. Its like things did an 180. Yes, I still support the artist that I praise, I still go to their concerts, I buy their music, I retweet, I repost, I SUPPORT! This isn’t an attack on your favorite current artist that currently trending now……..


This is just……….

A reflection of sorts…..

Pack light. Peace and Blessings



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