A Songbird Supreme

Chanté Torrance Moore, one of Minnie Riperton’s illegitimate daughters  (the other being of course Mariah Carey) has a career as wide as her range. A beautiful sistah from San Fransisco had some modest hits, most notably her ode to then husband Kadeem Hardison (y’all know him from A Different World) titled Chante’s Got A Man At Home. Buuuuuuuuttt the rest of her catalogue has been overlooked by the masses. Her duets and soundtrack contributions need to be played again and again and again.

Like her contribution to the impeccable Waiting To Exhale soundtrack

Wey U

We still need a transcript or a lyric sheet or something for this song. I refuse to believe the only thing she had sing was “Haaa-gainAndAgainDoWeeeeBoooBowBuhWeeeBooBow”. Babyface wrote the track so maybe we need to knock on his door and get the real scoop behind the “lyrics” of Wey U. None the less this jazzy tune stands out from the rest of the excellent pieces of art that appear in the movie and on the soundtrack. I can compare this to the Minnie Riperton song Minnie’s Lament and also Mariah Carey’s song Bliss. Each song overlooked and praised. Each song showcases the Songbirds extensive range. All gems and all very unique, you cant really picture anyone else covering them……can you?!??! Tell me Im lying!!


Another beautiful soundtrack cut comes from the House Party 2 soundtrack. A duet with Chanté and Keith Washington, a smooth quiet storm cut dedicated to the lovers titled Candlelight and You

This is one of two duets that the pair did together, the other being sultry cut that appeared on Keith’s KW album

I Love You

As young as Chanté was at this point in her career she solidified herself as a smooth, Quiet Storm, Adult Contemporary sounding artist. Could that be the reason why she didn’t completely take over the world? She came close with her megahit

Chanté’s Got A Man At Home

and even switched it up with a song she did with Jermaine Dupree on her Exposed album….

Straight Up

Two complete bops. A completely different style then what were used to hearing from her. But another hit for Chanté came in the form a R&B soap opera including R. Kelly and Ron Isley of The Isley Brothers.


I have to admit that I never knew who she was in the video. I had no clue that was THE Chanté Moore cheating on Ron Isley. I think most of my generation didnt know it was her…..some still dont know. At any rate that song unknowingly exposed Chanté to a whole new audience. Most don’t know she made a follow up to Contagious….


She said it herself in the beginning of the song…she’s just gonna speak from her heart…and thats exactly what she did! We can all relate to that bitter feeling of a love gone wrong. We’ve all had those petty thoughts in the back of our minds. I really hated the way you smelled….I hated the way you used to eat your chicken wings……I hated the way you used to wear your hair….but I still love your stank ass.

Im jumping around time wise so we’ll just put this little playlist on shuffle. Let me back up to her sophomore album real quick and tell yall how good Chanté is at covering songs. Please please please listen to

Free/Sail On


I Want To Thank You

You really have to bold to cover a Deniece Williams song (Free) and mash it up with a Commodores hit (Sail On)! Of course Chanté has the perfect range to cover a Deniece classic, thats without a doubt, but its the cleverness to add a special touch to it. It’s the boldness to say “Hey let me pay tribute and smooth all this shit out for the babies because they need to learn and theyre gonna learn today!”. Also paying tribute to Alicia Myers is a huuuuuuge plus. Sidebar: Mariah sampled the same song for her hit Make It Happen, I dont know why they didnt get together back then and make magic but who knows…they still can do it!

Chanté actually has an entire album of covers that she did with her ex-husband Kenny Lattimore titled Uncovered/Covered. Thinking about it, they did more covers as a couple than Ike and Tina did together. It’s not a bad thing at all, its refreshing hearing a new take on an old tune thats sacred in the black community. It was also refreshing hearing Chanté finally cover a Minnie Riperton tune

Here We Go

A perfect rendition to a song that was lost in the sea of album cuts from Minnie. Moore’s voice, note from note, matches Minnie’s

Chanté also covered another single by Minnie. One that we all know and love.

Inside My Love

I will admit I used to sing along and jam to this song when I was younger not knowing what the hell I was talking about. Minnie was lowkey naaaasssssstttyyy yall!

Chanté and Mariah shares another song together. They both covered the Keith Sweat classic

Make It Last Forever

They clearly crossed frequencies a few times back in the day and maybe somewhat share the same musical tastes. Both carry the Minnie Torch….they both sample and cover some of the same songs….they both worked with Da Brat *side eye*….they both are still out today booking shows. Someone needs to set up a meeting expeditiously.

One last cover and thats it! Chanté and Kenny had the gaul to cover a René and Angela tune

You Dont Have To Cry

The only other acts that tackled a René and Angela tune was Avant and Keke Wyatt covering My First Love. Well……they both did duo justice and received praise from Angela Winbush.

Yall still with me? Ok good because these last few tracks are a must on any Chanté playlist. Remember I said earlier that Moore was a Quiet Storm/Adult Contemporary/Jazzy type artist? Ok so these 2 songs are proof that she’s just a smooth chanteuse

Its Alright

Love’s Taken Over

Auntie is smoother than a bottoms butt during pride season…..some of yall wont get that reference but for those that get it…..ssshhhhhhhh dont say nothing!!!


Ill leave you with a song from her new album The Rise of the Phoenix. Love the title and I love this track, hopefully she releases it as an official single so she can continue to rise!

Something To Remember


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