TSO: My Gay Life Part 2 The Gayness Cont…..


……and Im still gay……

So lets keep this momentum going shall we?



Last post was my young gay life so guess what? This next one is all up and through the teenage years……y’all ready?

Aaliyah (The Red Album)

Picture it, the year was 2001 on an August day in Trenton, pre-teen Ruu is once again in a heated argument with his mother. But during the intensity a silence was broken when the death of Aaliyah popped up on the screen. The world stopped, the chaos stopped, everything was still. I dont think we created audible sounds until we went out and purchased the Aaliyah album a few days later. It was impossible to get past track four (More Than A Woman) I didnt discover the other side of the album until months later. Fast forward to those months, that were later, and I’m still plopping it into my beat up Ice Blue radio and this time Im letting the music play with no interruptions. It was this album that made me appreciate the smoothness and the visuals a song could give. It’s Whatever made me love Erykah’s Green Eyes and Mariah’s Underneath The Stars and Fourth of July. The edginess and pseudo rock sounds made me appreciate Janet’ Trust A Try. Oh, how does this fit into Pride Month?…..How is this instrumental in my Gay Growth???? My young chubby gay self was still in front of the tv, knowing all the choreography to Rock The Boat and getting my life pretending I was her…….





Rudy in his high school years!! Nobody told me that I was going end up at a gay ass high school….and thats no exaggeration. That place was 70% gay and nobody really cared. I’ll refrain on telling y’all the name but if you know…YOU KNOW!! Anyway, VH1 Soul and the Neo-Soul genre was really kicking off. Erykah, India, Angie, Dwele, Bilal, remember that movement? When it seemed like black folk were walking around smelling like chocolate, looking like African fertility statues?  Everything was just so..BROWN?!? Ok so that was me…I was soul brother Rudy to a few. But back to Floetry.  I think it was Say Yes….I heard it on the radio….105.3 of course. I fell in love with the song and then I forgot about it. I believe it was about 4 months later that I found the bootleg copy of Floetic in our entertainment center or the WAAAWWLLL UNIT as my mother would put it (she’s so charismatic at this point it’s sickening). I put it in and did my new music ritual, Have it blasting as I play through my video games. If I can beat the entire thing in one sitting then….IT’S GOOD! Well I ended up beating more than half of Final Fantasy X In one sitting so it was ok.

My people please read these next series of words in the voice of Cher from Cluelessgiphy-11.gif

Now somewhere in the close future I befriended a lesbian and we were like best buddies because we loved the same type of music and we even tried out for the talent show we were going to perform Getting Late but then something happened but I just knew at some point in time I was the gay hipster kid and she was the obvious lesbian that I hung out with…..

Still with me? Ok Good! MOVING ON!!


High School was really the years that the mix CD’s started popping off so I was just giving *REDACTED* some money to make me mixed jawns…..and yes i said jawns guess where I from!?!?


Metropolis: The Chase Suite EP

At any rate we can jump to a specific pivotal moment in my music taste development. It was 2007/2008ish and I was riding in the back seat of my friend Malitta’s car, she had some dirt ball….I mean her current boyfriend was in the front seat or whatever. She put in a random blank CD from her big 50 album case that was under her seat. Now….my friend Malitta is a little special case bless her heart, so what I’m about to tell you is the type of mess that she would always do. It was late at night like around 11 I think  (she had a curfew so it was probably a little earlier than that) but it was dark out! She had a brand new 2007 VW Jetta and it had the best sound system Ive ever heard. We’re driving down JFK and she turns to a specific track and says….”You ready love?!?” Im just in the back like…..


So she turns the volume all the way and starts blasting Many Moons by Janelle Monae and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Like I said before, My friend Malitta is a special case…bless her. Between the booms of the bass and being knocked all in the head with wind….she rolled all the windows down too…..I could hear a melody that was so odd yet familiar. It was a twisted take on a Sesame Street song (if you can remember what it is let me know, I don’t feel like googling it). It was odd and it intrigued me, fast forward 10 years and im finally going to see her perform at Afropunk! Im a fandroid for life

Oh a gay tie in……..well now she’s an entire lesbian so there ya go! PYNK!!



Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite

So, like, looking back, we were some depressing kids….and now I can admit that. Malitta, Shondell and I were 17 and 18 at the time just riding around Willingboro and parts of Philly blasting Maxwell, Jill Scott Erykah Badu, Miki Howard, Earth Wind and Fire, The Ohio Players, all of them. I loved it, it really was a MOOOOOOD thinking back. We were so mellow yet so chaotic. But anyway one day we went to Target like we usually did and bought some CD’s just for the hell of it. But I think we go this CD specifically for the song Whenever, Wherever, Whatever. The three of us could sing together effortlessly, it was kind of scary (when people knew the words…). We would just jump on a song Malitta (The Operatic Soprano) Shondell (The  ManAintNobodyGotTimeForAllThatHollerin’I’llBeAnAlto) and me (The Whatever Was Needed) and we’d just mend. But as I said before we used to always listen to music that was mellow or some Old School album and that set my path for my taste in music. That was the final moment! Im going to spare y’all with the moments we all had listening to Lonely’s The Only Company.


Aaannnddd we’re gonna end it there before the tone gets too macabre. You can say my friends turned me into a music snob….HEY THAT RHYMED!



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